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When Ray Gets His Ring

raylewisI am deeply disturbed by the number of articles, tweets, and social commentary I have seen in the past weeks denigrating and overshadowing the achievements of one of the greatest players of all time. I have seen more attacks ad hominem than I have ever seen against Ray Lewis’ actual skill. Such attacks are fallacious, and in no way do they validate the arguer or the arguer’s team, neither do they invalidate Ray’s outstanding accomplishments nor his tenacious journey to league and spiritual redemption.

And let’s be real, our future generations would be much better served to hear the story of the man who made a mistake yet turned his life around rather than of a society that out of an inability to forgive replayed over and over again the images of a man in an orange jumpsuit.

So, in light of the coming victory for the Ravens, here is my suggestion for how we should spend our time when Ray does get his ring. Try these:

  • Praise the Lord: That’s precisely what our main man Ray has done, ending several games with an acknowledgement that he owes his great success to God. In fact, both he and the Raven’s chaplain have mentioned using this platform to glorify God above.
  • Get in a good workout: People either love or hate the infamous “squirrel dance.” And while I am content with simply practicing it, many others will want to make up their own dance. Either would help fulfill this inside linebacker’s desire to see a more fit and healthy America. Even better, check out his RL52 workout app, available for $0.99 on the whole iFamily.
  • Give to someone less fortunate: You know, like Ray does, equipping impoverished students with school supplies, or giving food to needy families. Just a thought.
  • Be great at something: Instead of mudslinging, it might not be a bad idea to put some of that energy to good use, cultivating some of your own gifts. There is theoretically room for everyone in greatness, but few find it. Let’s alleviate some of that crowding in Haterville.
  • Moreover, Give credit: There’s really nothing more to discuss once Ray gets his ring. And none of the snubs of his character, however narrow, will matter any more. So let’s give credit for the 17 years, 2,056 tackles, and 100% heart he gave to the Ravens and to this game.

When Ray gets his ring, let’s give our kids the story of a man to look up to, not another scandal.

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