Born This Way???

I get fatigued with the whole “born this way” assumption society makes whenever it encounters a specimen whose  characteristics we can’t fully explain. Take for instance these children who exhibit psychopathic characteristics ( Because society cannot understand how a child who was not physically abused or neglected becomes a psychopath, it begins to ponder whether or not this is some sort of genetic issue.

But trust, there are other entry points. We are so trained to base our understanding on the things we can see that we completely ignore that there are influences we can’t see. I pray that even scientists begin to see the invisible. Perhaps they will find that not even Judas Iscariot was born that way.

I marvel at our rejection of truth…

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3 thoughts on “Born This Way???

  1. Tonyette H. says:

    I also MARVEL at our rejection of truth!

  2. Toni R. says:

    Such a sad and unfortunate story for those children.

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