Social Networks

Of the many things that cause me to wonder, social networks, or at least the implications of social networks, are certainly one of them. As I use my blog, what I consider to be social network offspring, I think about the home assignments that I received as a grade school student that I could hardly imagine giving to my own students. I remember cutting and pasting (in the archaic sense of the phrase) newspaper articles to notebook paper, being ever so careful not to use too much glue and to give myself just enough space to write my thorough summary and analysis. I think about licking stamps to invite all of my friends to my birthday party and interrogating every blank invitation until I find just the right pattern. I think about knocking on my neighbor’s door to sell gourmet cakes for my school fundraiser around Christmas. I can’t remember the last time someone has knocked on my door without me eying the nearest weapon before approaching the peep-hole.

I marvel at how something created to bring us together has made us so afraid of each other. I find it bizarre now when someone just strikes up conversation with me in public. I’m much more used to seeing faces buried into smart phones. I sat in the car the other day with a friend for hours, and we sat, with phones out, discussing our tweets, barely looking one another in the face and interrupting one another periodically with laughter when someone tweeted something particularly funny. And the last time I was asked out on a date was via Facebook message.

I marvel at how something that holds my attention at times for hours has somehow rendered me inept in diligence. My mind wanders when I read the stuff that matters and even during my prayers. Social networks: compromising my social life and even subjecting my anti-social habits to unproductivity. How I marvel…


One thought on “Social Networks

  1. Downs says:

    Wonderful, great, brief blog post! I’m impressed by the specifics you offer from your youth. That’s also another very fine specific regarding the car ride with your friend; a telling, meaningful detail. Good job letting the blog post trail away and letting the reader’s mind wander with yours into thoughts of all the ways social networking might be changing our lives.

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